PTE Software

What is PTE Academic Exam?

The PTE Academic exam is world’s leading computer based English language test accepted by educational institutions around the world. It is the most unbiased proof of candidate’s English skills. The three-hour long computer-based test focusses on day to day English rather than high-level English language and tests a student on his/her ability to effectively understand the language as spoken daily. The multi-level grading system ensures a better understanding of the student’s proficiency in the English language.

PTE Practice Software

We provide PTE Practice Software at very reasonable price. It is perfect software with plenty of different accents (UK, US, Canada, Australia).

It consists of four sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing) and also 40+ full length tests so you can practice each test individually. It is known for innovative test software with complete analysis which helps to polish your skills.  Features include in this software are-

  • Auto save results
  • Auto check students results
  • Spell check feature
  • Review mode
  • Very easy to use
Part 1: Speaking & Writing (77 – 93 minutes)
  • Personal introduction
  • Read aloud (6-7)
  • Repeat sentence (10-12)
  • Describe image (6-7)
  • Re-tell lecture (3-4)
  • Answer short question (10-12)
  • Summarize written text
  • Essay (20 minutes)
Part 2: Reading (32 – 40 minutes)
  • Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer (2-3)
  • Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers (2-3)
  • Re-Order Paragraphs (2-3)
  • Reading: Fill in the Blanks (4-5)
  • Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks (5-6)
Part 3: Listening (45 – 57 minutes)
  • Summarize spoken text (2-3)
  • Multiple choice, choose multiple answer (2-3)
  • Fill in the blanks (2-3)
  • Highlight correct summary (2-3)
  • Multiple choice, choose single answer (2-3)
  • Select missing word (2-3)
  • Highlight incorrect words (2-3)
  • Write from dictation (3-4)
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