MCQ Test Maker Application Software

In the era of digitalization, we can experience the dynamic change in the working of system. Now more concern is given on saving time and reducing human efforts by automating the task. We created one such application on automation in the field of education where the paper usage is reduced by making students practice tests online. The other advantage of this software is that a teacher need not to manually check the test, our software automatically generates result to a teacher after submission of test by a student. Through MCQ Software, an institute/teacher can create intensive mock tests and quizzes, set up custom scoring, timing and can easily evaluate students’ performance online

Step 1 Create Test:

Firstly, create a test by adding questions. One can categorize questions on Subject level, Topic level according to the convenience. Teacher can set up custom timing and scoring.

Step 2 Generate Student Id:

The next step is to generate student IDs in the software.

Step 3 Assign Test:

After generating student IDs, teacher has to assign the test. Student can login their IDs generated by the teachers and start the assigned test. Timer starts and within the given time frame student has to submit the test otherwise it automatically gets submitted when the time is over.

Step 4 Generate Results:

A detailed test report including specific options to view, compare and download evaluation of the answers is generated automatically after the submission of a test.

Highly Interactive Interface:

MCQ software is one stop solution for preparation of competitive exams as well as other exams conducted online. You just need to simply register, create and assign test.

Active Accessibility:

Create and assign test from anywhere at any time. Teacher can evaluate student’s performance from anywhere.

Custom Scoring:

MCQ Software allows you to assign custom scores, or give limited time to submit the test.